Grumpy Geezer Week

Last week was Grumpy Geezer Week. My diary reads as follows:

SUNDAY. Waxed car. People kept stopping to say: “You can do mine next if you like.” Pah! 

MONDAY. Felt a bit below par. People kept saying: “Cheer up, it might never happen.” Pah! 

TUESDAY. Cleaned the front windows. People kept stopping to say: “You missed a bit in the corner.” Pah! 

WEDNESDAY. Felt on top of the world! People kept saying: “Can I have some of whatever you’re on.” Pah! 

THURSDAY. Early spring sunshine. Sat on park bench, feet up, with book and coffee.  People kept stopping to say: “You’ve got a good spot there. All right for some.” Pah!

FRIDAY. Thought the day would never arrive left job, took pension! People keep saying: “What are you going to do with all that time then?” Pah! 

SATURDAY. Free man at last! Wonder what to do now? I know – think up annoying things to say to people. Ha!

Happy Geezer Now

Paul Costello © March 2013

Utterly Undiscovered – comic Bed & Breakfast Memoir by Paul Costello. 

Illustrated by Emma Hames.            

Publication:  spring 2013.    Fineleaf Editions

ISBN 978-1-907741-30-2


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