Eddie’s Eye 9 – Goodbye


Well, friends, it’s time to say goodbye. Sadly, this is the final edition of Eddie’s Eye.

I hope you’ve enjoyed a glimpse of our political shenanigans, and that you’ll laugh as much during the Show as we have at rehearsals. Come and see your favourite politicians as never before, facing a public that demands its say! The World Premier of Terms and Conditions Apply – coming to a theatre near you! Ledbury Market Theatre

But before I go, here are the parting thoughts of our colourful characters:

Dave Camshaft:                               Pffft!

Nick Clogg:                                       I know I can do it – please let me try.

Usborne:                                          Sorry, too busy – dining out all week.

Govis:                                              They got me all wrong.

Ducken-Sniff:                                  Yes, I’m still here.

Eddie Moribund:                              A new era is dawning. Make it Laborious.

Theresa Mayhem:                          Get them out!

Harriet Harmful:                              I’m the one sat by the Laborious Leader.

Nigella Gar-arge:                            Auf wiedersehen.

Middle England Residents:            Hard knowing who to believe.

See you at the Theatre!Rosette


Eddie’s Eye folllowed by BBC Radio – has been brought to you by Paul Costello on behalf of the cast of Terms and Conditions Apply.

Terms and Conditions Apply – a play by Paul Costello. Fabulous political satire about a 5-year coalition government, seen through the eyes of ordinary, suburban households and, in stark contrast, the rose-tinted spectacles of politicians. Director, Bob Maynard.  Thurs 31st July – Sat 2nd August @ 8pm.   Ledbury Market Theatre

Tickets £10 adults  £5 students

On line:  www.themarkettheatre.com

Or: Masters House, Ledbury (Mon/Tues 9.30 to 4. Fri 9.30 to 2) 01432 260500

Or:  07967 517125




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